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Touch and go

dangerously very uncertain(一触即発のきわどい状況)
quick action or movement(素早い動作や動き)

precarious, delicate, dangerous, unsafe

a touch-and-go situation(不安定な状況)
the touch and go of city traffic(せわしない街の交通事情)


The car was in a very bad condition, and it was touch and go whether it would get us home or not.
It was touch and go there for a while during the operation.
a touch-and-go descent down the mountain.
It was touch and go but they finally gave me a seat on the plane

Conversation 1
A: How is your car?
B: Not good, sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t.
A: Didn’t you just drive back from Melbourne?
B: Yeah, it was touch and go all the way, I kept thinking that it was going to stop and never start again, I was so glad when I got home.
A: I’ll bet, why don’t you take it to a garage?
B: I would but I don’t have enough cash at the moment.

A: 車の調子はどう?
B: あんまりよくないよ、エンジンかかったりかからなかったりでね。
A: でもメルボルンから戻ってきたばかりじゃないの?
B: うん、ずっと危なかったよ。途中で止まって動かなくなるんじゃないかずっと不安だったから家に着いた時は本当に嬉しかった。
A: だろうね。整備屋に持って行かないの?
B: 行きたいんだけど、今お金なくてさ。

Conversation 2
A: How is your father?  I heard he was in hospital.
B: Yes, he had a heart attack last week.
A: Is he going to be ok?
B: They don’t know, it is still touch and go, but they should know more when they have done some tests.
A: I hope he is alright, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

A: お父さんの具合はどう?入院していらっしゃると聞いたけど、、
B: うん、先週心臓発作を起こしてさ。
A: 大丈夫なの?
B: 分からない、まだ不安なんだよね。でもいくつか検査したらもっと分かると思う。
A: 大丈夫だといいけど。祈ってるね。

(Callan book5, Stage 9 852p) 


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