Today's Callan

Get on one’s nerves

make one feel angry and nervous

annoy, irritate(irritate one’s nerve), bother、provoke

The noise those children make gets on my nerves.

There’s an insect buzzing around in my bedroom tonight, and it’s really getting on my nerves. (夜に私の部屋を飛び回る虫がいるから、本当に苛立つ。)

My younger sister gets on my nerves. I find her so annoying!

That loud music really gets on my nerves.

There were times when I got on her nerves and she got on mine.

I must say, his slow work always gets on my nerves.

Conversation 1
A: How is your new roommate?
B: He keeps getting on my nerves.
A: Why? What is he doing?

A: 新しいルームメートはどう?
B: いつも私を苛立たせるの。
A: なんで、なにしているの?

Conversation 2
A: Oh no, there’s that guy again.
B: Who is he?
A: We met at a bar and he has been calling me ever since, I told him I wasn’t interested, but he’s really starting to get on my nerves.
B: Let’s hide in here until he goes past, I don’t think he has seen you.

A: やだ、またあそこにあの人がいる。
B: 誰?あの人?
A: バーで会った人なんだけど、それからずっと電話してくるの。「興味ない」って言ったのに。本当に苛立ってきたわ。
B: そしたら、彼がどこかに行くまで隠れよう。多分見つかってないと思うし。

Conversation 3
A: How is your new share house?
B: Oh, I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay there.
A: Really? Why?
B: Some of the boys always listen to music late at night and it really gets on my nerves when I’m trying to go sleep.

A: 新しいシェアハウスはどう?
B: うん、ここにどれ位いようか迷っている。
A: え、そうなの? 何で?
B: 男の子達がいつも夜遅くに音楽聴いたりして、寝ようとしている時は本当に苛立つから。

(callan book stage 7, 628p)


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