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Just the job

意味:exactly what is needed

‘just the job’ is an expression that we use to describe something that is exactly what we need at a particular moment, for example, an ice cream may be just the job on a hot day, but not in the middle of winter.


‘just the job’というのは、ある場面でちょうど必要な物を表す時に使います。例えば、真冬にアイスクリームは丁度良くないけど、暑い日には丁度良いとなります。

常用例that’s just the job


I looked until I finally found something that was just the job for repairing the table


Conversation 1

A: Do you need a hand with that?

B: No, I’m O.K. but I just need something to hold the door open.

A: Why don’t you put a chair against it?

B: Thanks, that’s just the job.

A: 手伝おうか?

B: いや、大丈夫。でも何かドアをとめておく物が欲しいな。

A: 椅子を置いておけばどう?

B: ありがとう、それちょうどいいね。

Conversation 2

A: You look like you have had a hard day, would you like a beer?

B: Yeah, it’s been busy as hell.

A: Here you go (gives beer)

B: Thanks (drinks) ahh, that’s just the job!

A: 今日大変だったみたいだね、ビールでも飲む?

B: うん、めちゃめちゃ忙しかった。

A: はい、どうぞ(ビールを渡しながら)

B: ありがとう。プハァー、今僕に一番必要な物だね

Conversation 3

A: We need somewhere to put the recycling to keep it tidy.

B: Why don’t you use an old wine box?

A: Oh yeah, good idea, that’s just the job.

A: リサイクルのゴミが汚れないように、どこか置く場所が必要だね。

B: 古いワイン箱使えばどう?

A: あ、それいい考えだね。もってこいだよ。


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