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a standing, partly or completely dead tree, a tree or a part of a tree that protrudes above the surface in a body of water. A snaggletooth, a break, pulls, or tears in fabric. A snag can be a small problem or disadvantage. In Australia a snag is a link sausage.
枝株、 沈み木、でっぱり、欠け歯、出っ歯、(衣服・靴下などの)かぎ裂き、 「思わぬ障害」と意味もあります。ちなみにオーストラリア英語では「ソーセージ」という意味もあります。「Let’s take snags and beer for BBQ.」

run into a snag, hit a snag, snag in the plan, strike a snag, come up against a snag

hitch, crimp, cropper, difficulty, disadvantage

There is a just one snag.

We did not realize at first how many snags there were in our plan.

The only real snag in the plan is financing.

Our plans for Patty’s surprise party hit a snag when we discovered she would be away that weekend.

Conversation 1
a: How are you doing with your homework?
b: I was doing ok, but then I hit a snag.
a: What was the problem?
b: I had left my notes at school.

a: 宿題はどうなっている?
b: 大丈夫だったけど、ちょっと問題が起きちゃってさ。
a: どんな問題?
b: 学校にノートを置き忘れちゃったんだ。

Conversation 2
a: Hi there! Are you ready to go?
b: Umm, no there’s a bit of a snag.
a: What’s up?
b: I had an accident in my car last night, so it needs to be repaired.
a: Oh no, what are we going to do?

a: おい、用意はもう出来た?
b: うーん、ちょっと問題があって…
a: 何?
b: 昨日の夜にちょっと故障したんだけど、直さないといけないんだ。
a: えー。じゃぁ、どうする?

Conversation 3
a: How is your new Macbook.
b: Oh it’s great. The only snag is that some of the programs that worked on my PC don’t run on it.
a: Oh that’s a shame.

a: 新しく買ったMacbookはどう?
b: うん、いいけど。俺のパソコンでは作動出来ないプログラムがいくつかあるのはちょっと問題だけどな。

(callan book stage 7, 621p)


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