Today's Callan

Mind one’s own business

意味:not to interfere with, or ask questions about, other people’s business or private life

類義語:none of your business

参考:It’s not my business. 私には関係ない


I was just walking down the road, minding my own business, when I was attacked by a mugger.

He asked me how old I was. I told him he should mind his own business

It’s my life. Mind your own business

Excuse me. Would you please mind your own business and stop staring?

Conversation 1

A: Hi, what happened to your face?

B: Oh, I was in a fight last night.

A: What happened!? it looks really bad.

B: Well, I was just sitting there minding my own business when this drunk guy came over and punched me.

A: What did he do that for?

B: I have no idea, I hadn’t done anything.

A: おい、その顔どうしたの?

B: うん、ゆうべ喧嘩に巻き込まれちゃってさ。

A: 何があったの?ひどい事になっているよ。

B: うん、ただ座って考えてたら、酔っ払いが来て殴ってきたんだよ。

A: 何で急に殴ってきたの?

B: さっぱり解らん!俺何もしてないのに..

Conversation 2

A: So, how did your date go last night?

B: I’m not telling

A: Oh come on, where did he take you?

B: We just went to a little restaurant.

A: Did you kiss him?

B: Mind your own business!!!

A: Why won’t you tell me?

B: Because it is none of your business what I did or did not do.

A: で、ゆうべのデートどうだった?

B: 教えないよ。

A: 何で?そんな事言わないで、どこに連れて行ってもらったの?

B: こじんまりとしたレストランに行っただけよ。

A: キスした?



B: 私が何しようがしてまいが、あなたの知ったことじゃないからです。

Conversation 3

At the doctors….

A: I have to ask you some questions

B: Ok

A: It may seem that some of them are none of my business, but I want you to answer them.

B: What happens if I don’t want to answer them?

A: You can tell me to mind my own business, but it would be better if you answered them.

B: Ok, I understand.


A: いくつが質問をさせて頂きます。

B: はい。


B: 私が答えたくない場合は?

A: 私事なので…と言ってください。でも答えて頂けたらありがたいです。



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