Today's Callan

Why on earth

意味:to lose control of oneself
一体どんな理由で? 一体どうして?

why the hell
what on earth
why the blazes


Why on earth are you doing this ?

Why on earth are you here?!

Conversation 1

A: What are you still doing here?
B: What do you mean?
A: It’s quarter past six, why on earth aren’t you at work?
B: Oh my god!, I’ve got to run, see you later.
A: まだここで何しているの?
B: どういう意味?
A: 6時15分だよ。一体何で今会社で働いてないの?
B: どうしよう!すぐ行かなきゃ!!それじゃ又後で!

Conversation 2

two girls talking

A: Did you hear about Jane?
B: No, what about her?
A: She’s started going out with Peter.
B: Peter! Is that the really annoying guy, why on earth is she going out with him?
A: Beats me, but she seems happy so I guess that is the most important thing.

B: いや、どうかしたの?
A: 彼女、ピーターと付き合い始めたらしいよ。
B: ピーター! あのウザい男と?一体なんで彼と付き合うわけ?
A: わっかんない。でも彼女は幸せそうだから、多分それが一番肝心な事だと思うよ。

(Callan book5, Stage 9 821p)


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